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CycloneII FPGA Nios2 uClinux Dev Board EP2C8 Version

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The CycloneII FPGA Nios2 uClinux Development Kit is comprised of tow parts , one is the minimal FPGA working system board , and the other is daughter card with rich peripherals, tow boards are connected by Pin Headers and Receptors . The minimal FPGA working system board has one Altera CycloneII FPGA and its configuration serial FLASH as well as onboard oscillator, LDOs and SDRAM memory. All IO signals are routed to 4 Pin Headers to interfacing outside world. The board can freely run independently with single DC 5V power supply. The daughter card has rich resources such as 7-Segment Display, LEDs, DIP switch, Press Buttons, Buzzer, LCD / VGA / RS232 / SD Card / PS2 interface, and a prototype area for user to expand their own hardware. It is suitable for hardware engineers to verify designs before making their own hardware, for embedded engineers to test their Nios2 based embedded system like uClinux , for students to learn FPGA and hardware description language, and for hobbyists to try out any ideas they can imagine.

Main Feature

Part I - Minimal FPGA working system

  • ALTERA CyconleII EP2C8Q208 FPGA
  • EPCS4 Configuration Serial FLASH
  • 16MByte SDRAM Memory
  • Onboard 50MHz oscillator
  • Onboard 3.3V/2.5V/1.2V regulators

Part II - Daughter Card

  • 1 7 Segment Display
  • 8 LEDs
  • 8 Press Button
  • 1 DIP Switch
  • 1 Buzzer
  • 1 1602 Character LCD interface
  • 1 12864 Graphic LCD interface
  • 1 VGA interface (RGB444 resistor network based)
  • 1 RS232 UART interface
  • 1 PS2 Keyboard/Mouse interface
  • 1 SD Card Slot
  • 1 Minitype USB interface only provide board power
  • 1 Prototype Area

Downloadable Resources


  • 1 Minimal FPGA working system board EP2C8 Version

  • 1 Daughter Card

  • 1 1602 Character LCD Module

  • 1 MiniType to TypeA USB Cable

  • 4 Pin Header and Receptor pairs

  • 4 Stand-off and Screws

  • FTP support for datasheets and Nios2 source project file

Optional Accessories (Not included in the Kit)

  • USB Blaster Download Cable
  • 12864 Graphic LCD Module
  • RS232 Male to Female Cable